21.7.2006 Visit in Museum of Warsaw Uprising

Finaly I have found some time to visit this famous museum. Impressive. Probably the most original exhibition I have ever seen.With love for detail and all accessible multimedia methods.Very historical, I mean from every point of view, no political bias or propaganda. All participants mentioned, even small not important military groups, not only AK(Armia Krajowa). Mentioned also Berling army(created in Russia, under Russian control with few Russian officers in Polish uniforms) .

Some facts , taken from exhibition :

-about week before 1 August, German authorities order the inhabitants of Warsaw to build enforcements against Red Army

-few days later Radio Moscow calls Warsovians to fight/uprise against German occupants

-uprising begins on 1 August 1944

-it takes about 2 months

-the number of forces on both sides comparable, but AK badly equipped and not well trained

-at the end some few thousands soldiers from regular Polish Berling army try to help with no success and big losses

-circa 200 000 civilians and 10000 fighters dead

-Warsaw is supplied from the air, allied forces planes, including Polish army in Western Europa bring guns and food but a lot fall in hands of Germans.Russians for a long time have refused to allow landings in Russia, they allowed too late.

-Warsaw uprising can be seen as a part of “Action Storm”(akcja “Burza”) , in the whole eastern Poland, which in months before uprising has lead to cooperation between AK and Red Army in fighting against German and was in most cases successful from military point of view, but failed politically, it means AK has gained no political influence. Finally Russians have made them an offer to enter Berling army or be sent to jail. What a pity , that in most cases AK fighters have refused to enter the Berling army. Had they decided to enter this army, perhaps more AK fighters would have survived.

-Russians have supplied some guns, but only at the end of uprising , when it was too late .

One needs more visits, too much information for one time.