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GNU/freeware/opensource stuff for Coherent

7.5.2003 : PCI Realtek 8139 Ethernet support for Coherent 4.2.10

  • PCI kernel interface for Coherent 4.2.10

  • Ethernet PCI Realtek driver for 8139 chip , it means cards from Realtek, Dlink and SMC are supported (tested on one 300 MHZ system, and two Realtek PCI cards)

  • DHCP, ARP, ICMP, IP, UDP in-kernel support(tested )

  • ifconfig, ping, tftp, tftpd, ntpd , inetd commands or servers(in development)

  • rpc and nfs support for file sharing with Solaris and Linux(in development)

  • socket library

  • TCP in-kernel support

  • .....

  • We did not yet decide how it will be offered, CD not excluded

  • The system is still tested, we plan to release soon test floppy kernel for testing, so You can contribute to testing ( we have allowance from MWC for distribution floppy kernels with our test programs).

  • Please allow for changes and delay !!! Let us know , if You are ready to test .

  • Project is closed now. Another Realtek project was opened more

Vim 6.1

I am using script located in /bin/vi with the following content :



vim $1 $2 $3



  • efax, ported in 2003(?),updated 20.6.2005Download binary

  • tested on ZOOM faxModem V.34x as sender and standard fax device as receiver

  • more info 

  • author,sources Sources


Midnight Commander

  • mc-3.2.1 ported on 25.6.2002, 509216 bytes

  • Patched on 26.6.2002 : F5(copy) fixed, 508154 bytes

  • mc requires , that terminfo database is located in /usr/lib/terminfo directory

  • Patched on 26.6.2002 : F10(Quit) and subshell problem, fixed.Let us know if You need it. Configuration files like help will be added in the next version.

  • If You want mc in color , simply type : mc -c

  • Network functions, ftp and symlinks are not available.

Bradley bm mailer

  • bm mailer, ported on 9.7.2002, 25020 bytes

  • Includes Y2K fix for sent messages

  • There is still Y2K problem with received messages. This is not a problem of bm. The corresponding Y2K fix for network server was also made by us. If there is sufficient demand , we will make fixed Randy's port of K9 server available from this site.

Tom's Macro AVR assembler

  • Macro assembler 1.17, ported on 16.9.2002, 55500 bytes

  • Allows for compiling assembler programs , written for ATMEL AVR 8 bit microcontrollers. Applications created with tavrasm were tested on real AT90S1200-12, using our In-House made hardware interface(programmer etc) and software running under Coherent 4.2.10.

  • Sources

  • Installation : gunzip tavr.gz, tar xvf tavr, cp tavrasm /bin

  • Copy the include files into Your development directory

  • Application samples

Steven's AVR monitor

  • Steven AVR monitor for STK200, ported on 17.9.2002 Steven AVR monitor for SP12

  • Allows for monitoring programms running in AVR microcontroller installed in ATMEL STK200 or sp12 evaluation board. It is some kind of interactive assembler level "debugger" allowing for sending assembler commands to the AVR microcontroller, using programming cable for that purpose(connected to the Centronics port of PC). Written for ATMEL AVR 8 bit microcontrollers. We did not test it with real boards but according to our best knowledge it should work fine. It uses our low level library, which works fine with our own hardware . Does not require any extra driver etc like in WindowsNT or Linux. Warning : was tested on FIC PT2200 board with 166 MHZ Pentium.It does not work on faster FIC VA503 with 300 MHZ K6, because system call clock does not work fine on faster boards(as a result timing calibration loops).

  • Sources

  • Installation : cd /usr/local ; gunzip avrmonX.gz ; tar xvf avrmonX etc

UISP AVR microcontroller programmer

  • Uros ISP programmer , ported on 27.11.2002

  • Allows for uploading, downloading etc(programming) of AVR applications into/from a AVR microcontroller installed on most available evaluation target boards(STK200, STK500 etc). Written for ATMEL AVR 8 bit microcontrollers. We did not test it with real boards but according to our best knowledge it should work fine. It uses our low level library, which works fine with our own hardware . Does not require any extra driver etc like in WindowsNT or Linux.

  • Sources Project is at the moment maintained by M.Michalkiewicz.

  • Installation : cd /usr/local ; gunzip *.gz ; tar xvf ... etc


  • gunzip program.gz

  • chmod +x program

  • strip program

  • cp program /bin

uucp 1.07

  • Taylor uucp 1.07

  • Our port of uucp 1.07.It is a mixed binary/source distribution. It means it is enough to do : make install. Probably it will require , that You have gnu make etc in Your PATH.

  • Coherent version does not support tcp, modems only

  • Author


  • Author : Phil Karn

  • supports Intel/Amd/Cyrix, up to Athlon/P4

  • compiled and built with our gcc 2.95.3 in Coherent 4.2.10

  • works in Solaris 9 x86 out of the box (coff format)

  • tested : K6 300 MHZ, Duron 1300 MHZ(Solaris 9)

  • full output in X-Windows xterm

  • download

Porting platform

  • 3 stage gcc/g++ 2.8.1 with libstdc++ 2.8.1, extremely stable

  • gawk-2.15.3 . 3.1.10

  • sed 3.01 , 4.1.1

  • bison 1.28 , 1.32

  • lemon 1.0

  • flex 2.5.4

  • binutils 2.4.x, 2.7.x, 2.9.x,2.11, 2.14(gas etc), ld 2.14

  • findutils 4.1 (locate etc)

  • fileutils 3.x, 4.x (ls etc)

  • perl 4.036, 5.005_03 very stable , 5.8.6 ported too(but does not work with automake )

  • autoconf 2.52 , automake 1.6,aclocal 1.6

  • gcc 2.95.3 C stable, g++ and libstdc++ ported too but not usable at the moment

  • Cross compile environment in Linux RedHat 9 , gcc C 2.95.3, compiling

  • Cross compile environment in Solaris 10 , gcc C 3.2.3, gcc C 4.2.2, compiling and linking, for example less package for rdb was ported and linked with this compiler (binutils 2.14)

  • gcc 3.0.1/3.0.2 native C/Fortran/Java compilers, stable

  • January 2011 : gcc 3.0.4 C native , stable, was used to build gcc 3.2.3

  • January 2011 : gcc 3.2.3 C native, stable , with support for SSE/SSE2, tested for XFree 4.8 applicationsmore

  • 25 March 2012 : gcc 4.4.6 C native, stable, the last gcc with coff support !!

  • Sources(TASK)

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