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Fizyka w Poznaniu

7-15 March 2009

I had the pleasure to be an instructor during the big LHC exhibition organized by Institute of Physics of A.Mickiewicz University in Poznań.Exhibition

My job was to instruct the visitors about SSD (Semiconductor Strip Detector) being one of the subdetectors in the big ALICE detector.

Good opportunity to refresh my physics knowledge.

LHC with its 4 detectors (ALICE, ATLAS,CMS,LHCB) has four(?) goals:

  • detection of superparticles , predicted by supersymmetry(for me the most interesting : extra dimensions are then possible!!)

  • detection of Higgs boson , called sometimes „the God particle” ,which causes that particles have masses

  • determining , why the antimatter has luckily „disappeared”(antimatter would not allow for life to appear)

  • determining the properties of the quark-gluon plasma, new state of matter discovered some years ago in SPS with lead ions

  • CERN is responsible for idea of WWW

  • PET tomographs have its origins in CERN

  • .....

  • Notice ,that LHC is the biggest and most sophisticated machine/tool ever built, probably the greatest technical and scientific achievement in the history.