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1.8.2000 NetSword for Linux/Solaris

  • LanDiBase version with codename NetSword, is a multithreaded Enterprise Edition for Linux written with C/C++.
  • It uses SSL (fully compatible with Netscape specification). and X509 certificates. NetSword was tested with RedHat 6.0/6.2 and Solaris 8. This product uses crypting libraries developed by OpenSSL project, and those developed by E.A.Young and T.Hudson.
  • It is available now as a part of our complete solution strategy .

4.3.2002 NetSword for Linux RedHat 7.2

  • Since 4.3.2002 NetSword is available for Linux RedHat 7.2.

2.12.2002 NetSword for Linux RedHat 7.3

  • NetSword was tested in Linux RedHat 7.3.

2.12.2002 NetSword for Aurox 8.0

  • NetSword was tested in Aurox 8.0. Aurox 8.0 is a Polish Linux dsitribution fully compatible with RedHat 8.0.